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Fashion whack-offs for Will…

Fashion whack-offs for Will… published on 1 Comment on Fashion whack-offs for Will…
Divas By Design’s crop top with froofy cuffs would look smashing in this rich raspberry color.

I like the concept of this outfit — cranberry leather, many grommets, complicated laces and bared flesh — adapted for a male doll.

Pink pirate shirt!

I like the needlessly complicated neck ties on this shirt.

Oh yeah…and while I’m at it…

Jpopdolls carries a line of wigs in promising styles, but I am not sure if they would fit Sabik’s comparatively large head. Here is Winds, actually a fair approximation of Will’s hair length and cut. There are also some by the inauspicious style name of BJ, but I can’t find them on the Jpop Web site.  B-100 needs a trim on the bangs, but comes in ridiculous colors.

Custom fur wigs, including two-tone ones and ones in various lengths, can be purchased at Wicked Wigs. Punk Stripe colors: Pink and black combo, pink and red, orange and black, orange and brown, orange and red, pink and orange!!

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