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If you think this is messy…

If you think this is messy… published on 2 Comments on If you think this is messy…

…you should have seen it before I cleaned it up with the paint remover. I am returning to my dolly roots lately with some 1:6 makeovers. Using BBI’s latest issue of the Perfect Bodies, I’m making yet another head for my 1:6 Frank doll. I repainted the eyes brown and made them glance to the side. I also added shading around eyes and nose with paint. The eye shadow, blush and lip shading is done with pastels. Stupendously enough, I’m actually much better with pastels now than I used to be. I still need to find some appropriately curly, dark brown hair with in-scale, small curls…


Holy crapola, that is realistic!

Is this Frank from Rocky Horror fame?

Random question — you’ve inspired me to try my hand on some dolls of mine too. My problem is the last time I repainted a doll, I used some paint that leached into the vinyl a little bit — so I’m terrified of trying it again. Can you tell me what stuff you use to take the default paint off, and what you use to paint (acrylic, something else)?

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