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LHF revamp…now with tooniness!

LHF revamp…now with tooniness! published on 1 Comment on LHF revamp…now with tooniness!

After my enjoyable experience with Boopsie, I tried recreating the same tooniness last night in realistic Will, using only M3’s standard morphs. So, basically, inspired by my love for “The Girl” and the toony morphs of Boopsie, I tried to get a toony Will out of a realistic character and his realistic morphs.  Trying to get a toony character out of standard morphs made Will look like an origami lemur. I failed so badly and disappointingly that I’m not going to even show the results.

Fortunately, the creator of Boopsie also has similar custom morph packages for other characters. So I got Rayne, a set of toony morphs for V3. [V3 is the main female base I use for characters. Dolly nerds can think of her as a CG 1.5.] I will now be redoing all my characters, male and female, young and old, child and adult, on V3 bases with Rayne morphs…or on other bodies with V3/Rayne heads swapped on, if I can ever figure out how to work a head swap. Blllllaaaagh.

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