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I had a lot of fun in the Dictionary of American Slang as a kid. Specifically a 1960s edition. I should remember to get a new copy.

Although old copies are in some ways more interesting.

Ginchy sounds Brit. Makes me think of that bit in Velvet Goldmine where they had to show subtitles.

Or, for that matter, the bit in Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. There are other bits in British movies that I’ve seen where they do that, but in those two cases they were really needed.

I can so see calling one of those bimbo sorostitutes you see, with the giant sunglasses and the knee-high boots and the Coach purse and frosted lipstick and big hoop earrings and something leopard print involved ginchy, with the unpleasant implication that they want to seem desirable, but aren’t and are in fact skanky. Maybe its the y on the end that makes ginchy sound skanky? Or y/i sound.
Think etchi, after all, a word which means pinup girl art in Japan.
Except some pinup girls actually look good. Some. I digress.

Especially the ones that would try to return things from other stores, back when I worked retail. Or the ones who bought buttshorts and shot glasses (short shorts with UMass on the back of them, which all we employess made jokes about making a pair that said UM, ass)

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