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What the fzork?

What the fzork? published on No Comments on What the fzork?

Why are my comics coming out crappy when I use the [supposedly] non-crappy program? After experimenting with Comic Life, I appreciate its flexibility in panel design, but that’s about it. 

Here’s what I DON’T appreciate:

The display window doesn’t show the comic at a large enough size; you can’t change the default path where Comic Life looks for pictures; I keep dragging around the actual panels when all I want to do is move the picture inside the panel; Comic Life doesn’t remember my last font color, size and weight settings, requiring instead some pain-in-the-ass style sheets; fonts all render as if they’ve been typed by a threadbare ribbon; and the margins for balloon text overcompensate for the huge ones in Comic Book Creator by being non-existent. 

Well, okay, I eventually beat the style sheets into submission, and I’m sure I could probably lock the panels [in fact, I know I can], but I can’t customize the program’s display. I can’t customize Comic Book Creator’s display either, but the interface makes more sense to me than Comic Life’s.

I was seriously going to switch over to Comic Life, but I de-constituted the strips I had made with it and reconstituted them back over in the stupid program [Comic Book Creator]. I’m seriously annoyed and frustrated and wondering what to do….

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