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Streaming TV and movies at

Streaming TV and movies at published on 2 Comments on Streaming TV and movies at

Just recently opened up for public viewing. It contains clips and full episodes of past and current TV shows. It also contains clips and full-length features for certain films. Like ABC, Hulu sponsors the full-length offerings by interspersing them with ads. Among the interesting options:

30 Days of Night: Blood Trails: A miniseries that acts as a prequel to vampire gorefest 30 Days of Night.

Bones: A romance/crime drama. Starring the unbearably tofu-like David Bore-anaz, but I think I can live with that.

Cleopatra 2525: Sexy women, skimpy outfits, schlocky effects.

28 Days Later: Zombies.

Attack of the Puppet People: People try to escape from the man who minaturized them.

Quills: Geoffrey Rush chews up the scenery, swallows it, shits it out and smears it all over the walls as the Marquis de Sade. Hurrah!!


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