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True Blood: Is this going to be good? Y/N.

True Blood: Is this going to be good? Y/N. published on 1 Comment on True Blood: Is this going to be good? Y/N.

I can’t tell whether this is a miniseries or an open-ended series, but HBO has True Blood starting in September.

Pros: Vampires, Anna Paquin, created by Alan Ball who did Six Feet Under.

Cons: Based on an incredibly boring paranormal romance, on cable which I don’t think I have.

Truthfully, I would be more interested in a second season of Moonlight because it’s so baaaaaaayud, but apparently someone put a fork in it because it’s been cancelled.

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I saw the pilot and I will definately watch it. I think it will be an interesting change from all the other vampire shows, more violence, sex, nudity and if they are based on the books it should make an interesting story.

Im just glad any network is taking a chance on vampires. I LOVED Moonlight and Blood Ties and lost both my shows. Mick St John (yum) and Henry Fitzroy. Two slices of a delicious man sandwich.

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