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1:6 zombie chow

1:6 zombie chow published on No Comments on 1:6 zombie chow

Zombies can’t always get fresh brains, you know!

Because my Boston area grocery store does not carry canned pork brains in milk gravy D: , I am approximating this 1:6 label with images that have been circulating on the Net. If I ever get a can of pork brains for myself, I will redo this 1:6 label, assuming I don’t vomit copiously and render myself unable to complete this vital task.

If anyone wants to take one for the team and get me a can of pork brains…or at least send me the label, I’d pukiferously eternally appreciate it.

This should print at about 0.75 inches high x 1.5 inches long, but I haven’t tested it.

EDIT: In order for this label to print at the correct size, save the picture to your computer. Then open it with an image editing program like Photoshop or Gimp. You need the imaging program to read the correct sizing information embedded in the file. Otherwise, the label will print out too big.

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