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LHF Meanwhile 10: “You Are What You Eat”

LHF Meanwhile 10: “You Are What You Eat” published on No Comments on LHF Meanwhile 10: “You Are What You Eat”

In which we learn what the LHF cast’s diets reveal about their personalities.

Comments: I’ve been amassing quite the collection of 1:6 foods — a seemingly useless endeavor since most of my 1:6ers run on bloods. However, LHF vampires CAN eat food, although it’s about as nutritional for them as celery is for mortals; my vampires prefer blood, but eat mortal food for nostalgic reasons and because they like the taste.

Anyway, this ep exists primarily to show off a very small fraction of my mini edibles. Will is eating a soft-serve chocolate cone eraser from Iwako. Iwako is an awesome importer of Japanese erasers in the shape of food, household items and animals. Anneka is eating an Iwako sandwich, disassemblable to reveal tomato slices and lettuce. Janet is drinking out of an Iwako coffee cup. Velvette has a plate with an Iwako corn cob and some veggies I made myself. The carrots are painted toothpicks. The cucumbers are painted slices of a glue stick. Rori is chugging from an Iwako carton. Andrew is eating an Iwako burger, disassemblable to reveal separate patty and lettuce. Davry is making orange juice with an orange, juicer and pitcher from a Rement set. Baozha is eating Iwako soup. Chow uses a functional clay teapot that I picked up in Chinatown. Materyllis is tasting some food that came with the Barbie My Home Kitchen [seen in background]. Mark holds an Iwako canteloupe. Zinnia Pascale’s can of brains is made by me with a reduced picture of the label pasted on a length of gluestick.

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