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Obama won the presidency, which is good, assuming that a) he actually delivers on some of the liberal tendencies he’s been talking about and b) no one tries to assassinate him. Also, Massachusetts keeps its income tax, decriminalizes small amounts of marijuana and bans dog racing. That’s also good.

More depressingly, California passes Prop 8 to outlaw gay marriage; gay marriage bans are also passing in Arizona and Florida, while, in Arkansas, unmarried couples are now banned from being foster or adoptive parents. Ah, the good ol’ USA, home to lip service of equality and practice of segregation. Why do these country’s institutions hate people so much if they’re not straight, white, rich, non-disabled men? No…seriously…why do this country’s institutions so venomously and murderously despise most of its citizenry? I’m exhausted.

Assignment: Convert hatred to understanding and acceptance. Prognosis: Doubtful.

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