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All my dolls, 01/01/2009

All my dolls, 01/01/2009 published on No Comments on All my dolls, 01/01/2009

All my dolls, 01/01/2009.

L to R: Anneka, Will.
L to R: Cori, Michaela, Zig, Justine.
Back, L to R: Little Anneka, Thomas, Andrew, Max. Front, L to R: Baozha, Chow.
Top back, L to R: Caveat, Angelie, Zaezae, Teodora. Top front, seated, L to R: Susie, Davry. Bottom, L to R: Gemini, Velvette, Janet, Viktor, Rori.
Top back, L to R: Zaezae, Teodora, Marabou, Will’s mom. Top, sitting, L to R: Davry, Submit. Bottom, L to R: Viktor, Rori, Mark, Pippilotta.

Back, L to R: Max, Alexandra, Max’s mom, Mamie, Sibley, Tituba. Front, L to R: Zinnia Pascale, Materyllis, Little Will [in bonnet], Absinthe’s sort-of adoptive mom.

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