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Historically approximate hairstyles

Historically approximate hairstyles published on No Comments on Historically approximate hairstyles

Breanna, curly bangs, sausage curls in back, size 4.5, $13.50. Victorian child.

Clarissa, bangs, side curls, ponytail w curls, size 4, $13.95. Victorian child. For Little Will.

Erika, curly bangs, two bunches of curls on sides, size 4-5, $12.50. Victorian child.

Martha, updo with curly bangs, size 4, $13.00. Victorian/Edwardian woman. For Leonora.

Nicolette, updo, curly bangs, sausage curls in back, size 4.5, $13.25. Edwardian/Victorian woman. For Justine.

Penny, bangs, shoulder length flip, size 4, $13.60. 1950s/1960s girl or woman. For Michaela.

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