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Sign up for credit card; get free doll clothes.

Sign up for credit card; get free doll clothes. published on 1 Comment on Sign up for credit card; get free doll clothes.

That’s the kind of offer I can get behind. Amazon keeps offering me a $30.00 credit if I get an Visa card, so, since I was feeling like acquiring things without spending money today, I tossed a P.F. Albee Barbie and an Only Hearts Club outfit in my cart. With shipping, my total came to $29.09, which means that these purchases will end up not costing me anything.

The P.F. Albee Barbie commemorates a door-to-door Avon rep precursor who was active in the fin-de-siecle period. She comes in a beautiful lavender walking suit for respectable sales calls. Into this outfit I intend to jam the portly Justine. Wish me luck.

The OHC outfit, a blindingly pink jogging suit, will be divided up among my small characters, such as Susie, Little Anneka and Absinthe. Poor Susie…Her lightweight and very slender Obitsu body makes her look hunchbacked and cadaverous, despite her chubby little face. Maybe she needs some plastic surgery this weekend. I tried to bulk her up with a turtleneck under her sweatshirt, but she still looks fragile.


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