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More Victorian sets on Daz’ site

More Victorian sets on Daz’ site published on No Comments on More Victorian sets on Daz’ site

I found some more Victorian sets on Daz’ Web site.

Redhouse Studios makes a Manor House, which is actually not a house, but a section of a mansion exterior wall with windows, a lawn chair and a bit of lawn with flagged path. $14.95.

The Study, also by Redhouse, is an interior set with intricate wall panels, a fireplace, ornate windows, carved columns and a conceivably Victorian air. $16.95. There are many expansion packs of furniture and textures, not listed here.

Central Station, also by Redhouse, is an interior set of a train station with an atrium and modular elements, including a concourse and ticket stalls. It could work for the late 1800s or early 1900s. $16.95.

Redhouse’s Dream Home Foyer and Living Room seems to be too spare for Victorian deco, but that’s just the default textures. The open floorplan includes high ceilings, a mansion-size fireplace, paneled ceilings, indoor columns, and you could probably get some Victorian grandeur out of its large-scale design, although you’d probably have to retexture. $16.95.

Redhouse also offers a very ornate Ballroom, which appears to be suitable for the 1700s onward. It’s just stunning, from the huge arched windows to the similar designs echoed in the doors, to detailed texturing on the carpets and bas-relief molding on the ceiling. $19.95. There are accessories and texture sets, not linked here.

Finally, Redhouse makes a Grand Staircase. It lives up to the same standards of detail and opulence exhibited in the Study and Ballroom. $19.95. The size, scale and sweep [though not the materials, colors or decorations] of the Grand Staircase remind me of the entrance to the McKim Building of Boston Public Library.

AntFarm offers the narrow, slummy building The End of the Line. I think it might be good for tenements of despair [with the removal of the el tracks, of course]. $19.95.

Predatron’s City Streets is a comprehensive set of buildings and such that, with judicious choices, could produce a packed residential/commercial district suitable for the fin-de-siecle. $28.95. Compare to Stonemason’s photorealistic, meticulous, more expensive Urban Living, which I think has too many modern touches, but could possibly be used for Victorian ends. $35.95.

Ness Period Reproduction’s Townhouse, an exterior set, would probably be most appropriate for city living, with a detailed facade, fence, gaslight, etc. $23.95.

Silverleif makes an SS Balcony with stonework background, opening/shutting doors, stained glass windows to either side. $9.95.

Exotica and others have collaborated on an interior set, The Boudoir, with a big arched window, a balcony, full furnishings including a canopy bed, a settee, a huge dresser, stained glass windows, framed paintings, etc. $14.95. Not as elaborate in texture or construction as anything by Redhouse or Stonemason, The Boudoir is still servicable and very versatile, especially for the price.

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