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Rockin’ the ridiculous clothes [and a note about light]

Rockin’ the ridiculous clothes [and a note about light] published on 2 Comments on Rockin’ the ridiculous clothes [and a note about light]

So Doctor over on MWD picked me up some $5.00 Uneeda fashion dolls from an Indianan clearance store. He had previously posted pictures of the outfits from said finds. Amazingly enough, all pieces fit CGs, except for shoes and underwear. Attracted by the neon colors, I sought the Uneeda outfits for those characters of mine without fashion sense. Results are shown below.

Oh yeah…and a note about light. As shown in this photo, my spiffy full-spectrum lights are much too harsh, focused and intense, creating dramatic shadows that I don’t need all the time. I must figure out how to diffuse my light sources. And now back to our show. 

Rori clearly thinks that her hat is the best thing ever. No one has yet intervened to tell her otherwise because they’re all blinded by the clashing of her polka dots with her stripes. Beret and skirt from Uneeda.

Velvette is one of the few people who can actually pull off Uneeda items. I think her dark complexion favors striking color combinations. The gold and yellow play nicely off the complementary purple. Shrug and skirt from Uneeda.

This is actually a pretty subdued outfit for Anneka in that it covers a lot of skin. Her use of solids makes the palette more harmonious than it would be otherwise. It’s not matching, but it’s not clashing either. Jacket and top from Uneeda.

Will obviously put some thought into his outfit. All I can guess is that thought was, I want to look like a cheerleader. It seems to me to be the least outre of the outfits shown, which just goes to show something, but I’m not sure what. Scarf, skirt and socks from Uneeda.


Er, three of them have pink hair, so I’m not sure which you are referring to. The one with the wretched hat is a CG01 head on a CG 1.0 body — that is, a Cy Girl made by Takara. The one with the pink dreads is a Volks Goh Guy head painted by me and mounted on another CG body. The guy with the scarf is a custom resin head painted by me and mounted on an Obitsu Regular Male body.

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