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LHF increases in popularity.

LHF increases in popularity. published on 1 Comment on LHF increases in popularity.

I now post LHF eps on this blog, on MWD, on FN, on OSAFB and, when I remember, on Facebook. Comments and praise have spiked recently, especially for Will’s My Sorry Relationship plotline, universally hailed as hilarious. People also really like Anneka’s plotline about going back up to Vermont and seeing her family; apparently this is sad, emotionally engaging and compelling.

As measured by sheer volume of comments, my most popular eps are:

  • Meanwhile 7: When Zombies Attack! (16)
  • Meanwhile 8: Zombie in the Diner!! (12)
  • Meanwhile 9: Zombie in the Library (12)
  • 4.5: My Sorry Relationship I (12)
  • 4.6: Gift of Sunsets (12)
  • Meanwhile 3: Yummy Summer (11)
  • 3.9: The Revenant (10)
  • Meanwhile 13: Materyllis’ Pesky Pussy (10)
  • 1.1: Domestic Vampires (9)
  • Meanwhile 4: The Vampire FAQ (9)
  • Dead Girl’s Diary 1: Irredeemable Mind (9)

I’m not sure that I can draw a lot of conclusions from these, but I do see some interesting trends.

  • Zinnia Pascale [directly responsible for the success of Meanwhiles 7, 8 and 9, as well as 3.9] is the most popular character I have ever created. There’s just something about a crochety, ass-kicking Fruits zombie….
  • Light, humorous interstitials inevitably garner the most positive response.
  • That said, the popularity of Irredeemable Mind and Gift of Sunsets shows that a majority of the audience appreciates introspective, emotionally charged eps full of character development.
  • Most of the most popular eps are from recent seasons, suggesting that the dolls are much more liked than the 3-D models and also that LHF is gaining readers as it goes.

Go me!

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