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How to make an Edwardian updo

How to make an Edwardian updo published on 2 Comments on How to make an Edwardian updo

This tutorial on how to make a late-Victorian pompadour, created for 1:12 dolls, looks perfectly adaptable to my method of gluing 1:6 hair on people’s heads, if only I can figure out what’s going on in the step where she turns the doll upside-down.

If this works, I can take that horrible bun off of Leonora’s head and replace it with something more realistic.


let’s see if i can help

Ok so you glue these sections down then you turn the doll upside down and use a tooth pick to “blend “the sections of hair together. That way it doesn’t look like neat strips of hair . You just sorta brush thru the strands with the toothpic and it causes strip A ad strip B to lightly tangle together .

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