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Little Will doll is back after much travail.

Little Will doll is back after much travail. published on No Comments on Little Will doll is back after much travail.

After being commissioned about 2 months ago and having his open-eyed plate eaten by USPS 1 month ago, Little Will has finally gotten his free faceup from tiffanyjbt, and he has successfully returned to me. Hooray! The faceup is pretty much as I requested, and it does a great job of making this otherwise perky and cute headsculpt look weary and worried.

After 2 months of annoyance, Little Will is STILL not finished. As you can tell from the flyaway mess on his head now, he needs a real wig, one NOT made by me out of spare Barbie hair….probably a mohair one.

When Little Will gets his little hair, he will finally be done. Then I want him to earn his keep, so he’ll pay me back for all the cost and aggravation associated with his creation by getting his own side plot.

Speaking of side plots…

  • Absinthe currently has one running, although, at the rate she’s causing me grief and money as I seek a resin body for her, she’s either gonna get ANOTHER side plot or be incorporated into the main cast a lot more quickly.
  • Susie has a side plot coming eventually. I have its arc sketched out, but I haven’t written it yet.
  • Little Will’s gonna get one.
  • If Little Will gets one, then Little Anneka gets one for parity. Also I’ll take any excuse I can to use Alexandra, Max, Mamie and Minerva.

Wow, it’s BUSY in LHF land!!

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