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I need help making a 1:6 mask.

I need help making a 1:6 mask. published on 2 Comments on I need help making a 1:6 mask.

Fortunately it won’t actually be worn, but it needs to be a prop. It’s a combination face mask/ball gag/blindfold, and YES, it does have narrative relevance in LHF. Pictures below. Anyone have ideas? Maybe I should just cut off a Barbie face and sculpt from that?? [The different colors in the pictures are just so the different parts can be seen, although I do think those crazy colors are kinda cool.]


Holy Shmokes! Your dolls have a more interesting life than the real people I know! I can’t wait to see how this turns out.
Love Love Has Fangs!
Good luck in finding a good mask for you.
Can you imagine the TV ad for it?
Announcer: Now your kids can have hours of fun with BSDM Barbie! Comes with Gimp suit for Ken! Dress Barbie in nine-inch stilettos! Plug Barbie’s nipple clamps into the electric socket and short out your room! Only from Mattel!

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