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Fetish mask test: Anneka holding it

Fetish mask test: Anneka holding it published on 6 Comments on Fetish mask test: Anneka holding it

No, my "print to action figure" button still ain’t working. The mask was rendered separately, then pasted in as a separate layer and merged with a photo. Close enough for government work! I still want a real one though.

Still, now I know I can paste simple Daz objects into real scenes. This is good to know.


Wow. If you hadn’t explained the process, I’d have been convinced that you managed to make one (in the colors) in 1:6th! That is a seamless merge (to my novice eyes, anyway).

BTW, I’m planning on another mass reduction of 1:6 stock. I still have the blank CG head you sent me a few years ago, still blank. Would you like it back?

Yeah, sure. Also let me know if you’re reducing anything else that may be of interest. Which CG sculpt is it?

Shadow’s, I believe, going by the sparse rooting ring and the hole on the top of the head. Sometime this week, I’ll be going through the boxes and making a list. I’ll post it to my LJ before going to MWD with it.

**peers curiously** I’d be interested in buying some stuff too if there is anything I want! 😀 (Not to be a nosy buttinsky or anything.)

Not a problem; my goal is to sell the stuff I haven’t touched in close to 5 years, make some room, make some money. My hubby’s been out of work for 5 months, and I’m not doing anything with my doll/figure stuff anymore, so I decided to let a lot of it go to people who’ll appreciate it. Keep an eye on my journal. 🙂

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