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A few photos from doll club, 12/05/09

A few photos from doll club, 12/05/09 published on 3 Comments on A few photos from doll club, 12/05/09

Using Ann Laurie’s photo studio in a box, I caught some crisp pictures of various dolls yesterday at doll club in Burlington.

My latest Barbie/DML hybrid, a holiday gift from Andrea, features a head from the Tarina Tarantino Barbie, a body from a DML femfig and a suit rivaling her hair in color. Her name is Cerise Rosee, and she’s an evil businesswoman, a henchperson of Justine’s in her diet blood business. Can’t you see her plotting her next nefarious marketing strategy? I am told that she has the Steffie headsculpt, normally an innocent, puckered-up sculpt, but Cerise is clearly devious.

One of Maria’s Rileys is having a Fisher-Price Christmas with a Toy Story ornament under the tree, as well as some small replicas of Fisher Price toys that came on key chains. All the toys really work, making the appropriate sounds!

It’s a Nkiru, sculpted by Twigling. I forget the owner’s name [I’m very bad with names], but doesn’t she look striking, even with no faceup and the molded-hair headcap?


Ah, she arrived safely. I’m glad you found a place in the LHF universe for her!

The Riley is cute, and Teresa’s sculpt is quite stunning. There’s a BJD meet up being planned around here on the 19th, but they don’t seem interested in other kinds of dolls (and they really don’t appreciate Conrad’s interest in their dolls.)

Your portable photo studio works quite well.

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