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Latest big doll: Ling Karito Kid, renamed Junebug

Latest big doll: Ling Karito Kid, renamed Junebug published on 2 Comments on Latest big doll: Ling Karito Kid, renamed Junebug

Tuesday Morning, a discount store, recently got a shipment of KidsGive’s Karito Kids dolls in. Originally priced at $100.00 and worth every penny, the KKs were discounted to an unbelievable $30.00, so of course I had to get one, especially since I’d been lusting over them for more than a year.

Maria from doll club delivered my KK, Ling from China, to me tonight, so, forthwith, my pictorial review.

Ling comes in a boldly patterned box decorated with loud, friendly colors!

Too bad I have no room to keep the attractive package. The back introduces Ling as an 11-year-old Chinese girl who moves to Shanghai. Text acts as a teaser for the accompanying paperback adventure/mystery book.

Ling is secured in her inner box with padded twist ties so as not to damage her body and clothing. How thoughtful.

Out of her cardboard prison, Ling, now called Junebug, shows off her outfit. From her embroidered velvet T-shirt to the little pink treads on her boots, Junebug boasts an outfit that is of high quality down to the last detail. She has vinyl arms and legs and a vinyl breastplate, but a stuffed 2/3s body, so she is soft and huggable. She fits well in my hands, and I just want to squeeze her!

Look at her face! Unlike the ugly-looking American Girls with their staring eyes and scary teeth, Junebug features a more realistic sculpt. She even looks ethnically accurate. With her applied lashes and her slight smirk, Junebug has a beautiful, welcoming face.

Junebug bundles up against the winter chill.

Junebug meets Sardonix. I think they’ll get along great!


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