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Doll club, 10/2/10

Doll club, 10/2/10 published on No Comments on Doll club, 10/2/10

We had a small group today, but quite a few interesting dolls. I got some pictures.

Julie’s Narindoll Narae in a Halloween outfit by Goodreau.

Please note that her boots have little fanged faces on them. Best part of the ensemble!

Sardonix compares her feet with geta feet from an Iplehouse EID Tedros. He’s a large 70cm.

Jeanette’s white Bobobie Charisma is a ghost.

Darlene’s repro Twist N Turn Barbie has hair that matches the trim on her space boots.

Back at home, AJ shows off my latest 1:6 acquisition, a sideboard with hutch from Julie. Only $9.00!

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