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Beauty, utility, dolls

Beauty, utility, dolls published on 2 Comments on Beauty, utility, dolls

Thinking about the pretty Soom Breccia head that I sort of want, I ask myself what I would do with her. Of course she’d get a body. I’m sure she would dress up in the cheap, tacky remnants of my 1:3 wardrobe. It’s entirely possible that I would give her some sort of sloppy custom faceup that would further decrease her value, not to mention pink hair. And then…

Then what? Then she would go on the “big dollies” shelf along with Sardonix and Junebug, and she would sit there, making friends with them and quietly yellowing. She would come out for doll meets, where the audience would ooh and aah over her and take photos, and I’m sure she’d have televised chats with Sardonix and Junebug occasionally, but I don’t think I’d take lots of pictures of her or play with her a lot. Certainly not as frequently as I play with my 1:6ers.

I’d like a big doll with pink hair. None of my past BJDs had the appropriate type of pink hair. Zephque had a pale pink wig with double buns, but it wasn’t pink enough. My Soom Uyoo version of Jennifer had a wig of pink yarn for a while that looked good, but too much like Anneka’s hair. My Soom Sabik Will had a bright pink fur wig of the appropriate color, but it didn’t have double ponytails, and he was too big for me anyway…

I think I would get a Volks Dollfie Dream body for the putative Breccia head. It’s nice and light and sexy and relatively poseable. It’s also kinda cheap. The only problem is that Dollfie Dreams stain really easily. I’d have to make sure that all her clothes were lined, and nothing denim and/or black for her! That’s easy…I already have the an42 pink and orange paisley dress that I’d want her to wear…and the stripey black and white socks.

She would be such a pretty doll!

I think I need a camera with a really good zoom lens, or I need a good zoom lens to put on my current camera.

This disjointed entry has been brought to you by the Society of Useless Sexy Expensive Dolls, or USED.


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