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Lola Paprika concept 2.0

Lola Paprika concept 2.0 published on 1 Comment on Lola Paprika concept 2.0

Okay, here’s what I have gathered so far for Lola’s outfit. The only definite items so far are the shirt and the shoes. I’m disturbed by the amount of matching going on between the wig and the shirt, so the wig may be replaced for a light pink mohair, even though I truly adore the violent magenta. The existence of the skirt depends on how loud it looks compared to the multiple layers of legwear and armwear. Right now it’s clashing nicely with the stockings, which may or may not be in the final ensemble. Further bulletins as events warrant, say, when the yellow polka-dotted slouch socks and the pink leggings come in. Excelsior!!

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