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Beware the vampire with a camera!

Beware the vampire with a camera! published on 1 Comment on Beware the vampire with a camera!

Araminthe: "Sigh… Trees…Flowers…"

Araminthe: "Nothing good!"

Araminthe: "But wait… [Sniff sniff.] I smell prey!"

Araminthe: "Prepare to be immortalized!"
Lola Paprika: "No!"

Araminthe: "What? I’m not going to bite [this time]…  I just want to take your picture."
Lola Paprika: "Please don’t."

Araminthe: "Why not?"
Lola Paprika: "I’m shy."
Araminthe: "Are you serious?"
Lola Paprika: "Having my picture taken makes me even MORE self-conscious than usual."

Araminthe: "Well, I guess there’s only one interesting thing to photograph…"

Araminthe: "Me! [Hold the camera, will you? I have to fix my hair.]"

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