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Bestest idea ever!! Or, another doll drama

Bestest idea ever!! Or, another doll drama published on No Comments on Bestest idea ever!! Or, another doll drama

Last night I came up with the next obvious storyline for creation in a 1:6 doll drama format: the story of a young woman and her relationships, emotional, sexual and otherwise, with her three muses. "Me and My Muses" is its title. Is it based on my life? Why certainly.

There are four main characters:

  • The young woman. A morbidly introspective and self-analytical person, she is, as the series starts, a college student who is confused about her sexuality and increasingly disturbed by the robustness of her muses. She writes and plays with dolls.
  • The first muse. Also morbidly introspective and lonely, he combines playfulness, pushiness and seduction in a threatening and irresistible combination. He writes in his diary and makes paper.
  • The second muse. Sunny, buoyant, extroverted and confident, he is an androgynous, polymorphously perverse hermaphrodite [mythologically speaking]. He invents things and designs fashions.
  • The third muse. Quiet, conscientious and punctiliously correct in all things, she is the second muse’s servant. She rides her mountain bike and sketches human figures.

There are also a limited number of secondary characters, including, but not limited to:

  • The protagonist’s long-distance girlfriend. Passionate, loyal, insecure and possessive, the long-distance girlfriend is going through her own difficulties in college. She resents the closeness between the protagonist and the first muse.
  • The protagonist’s sister. Creative, imaginative and similar in temperament to the protagonist, the sister used to be very close to the protagonist, but going to separate colleges has driven distance between them. Succeeding socially and emotionally at school [in contrast to the protagonist], the sister worries that the muses are driving a wedge between her and the protagonist.
  • The protagonist’s first actual non-long-distance girlfriend. As a struggling poet, the first actual girlfriend, who is signifcantly younger than the protagonist, is attracted to the protagonist’s mind and creativity. She and the protagonist break up over the protagonist’s lack of sexual confidence, among other things.
  • The protagonist’s second girlfriend. Extroverted, high-strung and enthusiastic, the protagonist’s second girlfriend is much different temperamentally than she is. This contributes to their relationship’s downfall, as does the protagonist’s unwillingess to talk about her muses.
  • The protagonist’s third girlfriend. As a vampire lover and fan fiction writer, she is involved in sci fi and fantasy conventions. The protagonist tells her about her muses up front, and the third girlfriend thinks that they are awesome.

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