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Me and My Muses…the plot

Me and My Muses…the plot published on 1 Comment on Me and My Muses…the plot

The plot goes something like this:

  • Introduction. The protagonist creates the first muse, tending him with all the frustrated energy of her muddled sexuality and her loneliness. They have lots of fun.
  • Uh Oh. Because she spends so much time on him, the first muse becomes realer and realer to the protagonist. She wonders about the nature of his existence and also her own sanity.
  • Cracking. Things come to a head. The protagonist’s sister expresses worry about the protagonist. The protagonist’s long-distance girlfriend delivers an ultimatum: me or him.
  • Banishment. The protagonist chooses her long-distance girlfriend over her first muse. He tries to reason with her and come back. She refuses sadly. All is desolate.
  • Substitution. The protagonist, unable to live without muses, substitutes the first one for the second and third ones. Frolicking ensues. Meanwhile, the protagonist has a mentally stimulating, sexually unsatisfying relationship with her first actual girlfriend.
  • Coming Back. After breaking up with her first actual girlfriend and moving on to the second, the protagonist decides to bring the first muse back.
  • Rage. The protagonist and the first muse fight.
  • Coexistence. The protagonist and the first muse reconcile. Meanwhile, all three muses get used to each other. The first and the second muse fall in love!
  • The Boot. The protagonist and her second girlfriend fight because of their temperamental differences and because the protagonist won’t tell her second girlfriend about her muses. The protagonist and her second girlfriend break up.
  • All By My Selves. The protagonist swears off romantic relationships for a while. She becomes closer to her sister. She feels less dependent on her muses. She writes stories that aren’t about them and thinks about them, but doesn’t talk to them all the time.
  • Beginning Again. The protagonist meets her third girlfriend. From the outset, the protagonist tells the third girlfriend about her muses. Everything looks promising…

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