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A new 1:6 scale saga: Me and My Muses

A new 1:6 scale saga: Me and My Muses published on 3 Comments on A new 1:6 scale saga: Me and My Muses

From the creator of the beloved Boston vampire melodrama Love Has Fangs comes a new serial starring 1:6 scale dolls: Me and My Muses. With new eps every Monday, Me and My Muses follows the adventures of Ellery Langrock, a young queer woman, and the various magical and sexy characters inside her head. Episode 1.1: "Introduction" is below. Please give me a comment; they make me happy!


Oh yes! I’m ecstatic to catch this at the start– I tried to read the archives of your other work but I have this problem where I get overwhelmed when I’m trying to catch up on a piece that’s gone on a long time… same thing with Scary Go Round… enjoy it but gave up on trying to get the backstory!

You do such an amazing job with the backgrounds, so much detail! And Ellery is lovely. Can’t wait to follow her adventures! 😀

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