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I sold a doll, N'Yenya, actually; the buyer paid through Paypal. I looked all over for his mailing address and could not find it in Paypal, even under the Details link. I sent him messages by E-mail and through the Doll Page asking for his address. He never responded. Finally I told him that, if I didn't get his address by 5 PM EST yesterday, I was going to refund him and relist the doll. I did so.

NOW I get a message from him stating that he has a verified Paypal address. So? That doesn't help! What is it? I wrote back saying that I was willing to try again and provide a screenshot of me not having the address. Up to him.

I really hope this is all a stupid misunderstanding and that his mailing address is just hiding somewhere. Alternatively, I could also live with him being wrong and his transaction details actually lacking his mailing address. Anyway, can we just get the doll gone?

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This is why I get really irritated whenever people pay me with “gift” funds via PayPal. You’re not being nice by saving me fees. You’re robbing me of the opportunity to print postage online directly from PayPal, which is always cheaper than paying for it at the post office AND includes no-charge tracking. I don’t mind paying PayPal fees when I have a use for PayPal’s services…

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