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What I don’t get about Dollfie Dreams

What I don’t get about Dollfie Dreams published on 1 Comment on What I don’t get about Dollfie Dreams

I don't understand why the Volks Dollfie Dreams of licensed anime and manga characters are so expensive. More precisely, why do their prices inflate so horribly on the secondary market?

For example, here's Rise Kujikawa, a limited edition from this year. As you can see if you scroll to the bottom of the page, she sold for $605.00 on Volks USA, excluding shipping. I just saw her on the DOA marketplace for $1690.00, excluding shipping.

Here's Lucy Maria Misora, an LE from this year as well. She originally sold for $605.00, but I see her on the marketplace for $1200.00.

Finally, here's an unofficial set of pictures of Kana Unchou, an LE from 2009. She originally sold for JPY 58000.00, which, let's say, is ~$740.00. She's currently on the marketplaces for $1950.00. But don't fret — shipping is included!

I suppose their secondary market value increases so disgustingly because of a) scalpers and b) people willing to pay scalpers' prices. I still don't fathom, though, why someone would drop $2K on a soft vinyl doll that stains if you sneeze in its general direction. The question remains — who are these people willing to pay so much?

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Male otaku. Seriously. Dudes who are not even in the DoA-type markets. They’re willing to pay those prices because to them, the dolls are both status symbols and highly sexualized fetish objects.

We just end up screwed because that’s the value the market bears because of them.

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