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Petula is moving on.

Petula is moving on. published on 1 Comment on Petula is moving on.

Well, hopefully. Just listed her for sale on the DOA marketplace. I took a few shots for the sales thread below.

Free clothes from Spampy Stuff, the source of Petula's eye-bleeding dress.

Untouched open-eyed faceplate, magnets and certificate of authenticity.

Size comparison between Petula [18.5 cm] and Ginevra [27 cm].

Size comparison between Petula [18.5 cm] and Araminthe [62 cm].

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I don’t have enough posts on DoA to get into the Marketplace (if I could happen to remember where I noted my DoA password), so I’m curious how much you’re asking for her? Not that I could/should/would purchase *looks guilty*, but my interest in Inklings/Seedling/whatever they’re called increased a bit when I learned they can roughly share clothes with Monster High dolls… (And I just checked the Inking site–I’d forgotten what a wonderful body these dolls have. Ahhh, temptation.)

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