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The August project: having a bath

The August project: having a bath published on 3 Comments on The August project: having a bath

This afternoon I unwrapped all of August's body parts besides her head and laid them out.

Then she was double-cleaned. First I brushed each piece with toothpaste and then rinsed. Then I washed each piece with soap and then rinsed. Surprisingly, that took over an hour!

Now her body parts are laid out on a towel draped over Nathaniel's box. The parts are near my open window so they can air-dry. I will leave her like that for at least 24 hours before attempting to restring. [Pay no attention to my boots, Rements and library books in the background. :p]


BJD noob here, I’m sure you remember me from comments over at Andrea’s journal. I know the toothpaste is a mild abrasive to help remove the top layer of yellowing on the resin, but are there toothpaste formulas that shouldn’t be used for this purpose? I have an old tube of stuff with whitening something-or-other on hand. Is that whitening ingredient stuff okay to use on resin?

If I’m being a pest, I understand. I’m just a bit google-tired right now from trying to find info on a 1:6 figure hack. Actually, I came over here to search your journal for info. Figure I might as well ask questions while I’m hanging around. 😛

In answer to your question, I have no idea if certain toothpastes are contraindicated. I just thought, Toothpaste = mild abrasive = good!

I think I’ll friend you, fellow 1:6 enthusiast!

Woo friends! This journal is my personal one that I’ve had for 10 years, but my other one is where I’m trying to post my doll things. (I don’t bother logging out of this account, because I’m lazy and use a 3rd party posting program to make posts with my other account.) I’m on flickr, too.

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