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Someone’s jealous…

Someone’s jealous… published on 3 Comments on Someone’s jealous…

On the off-topic section of the MWD board, a repainter of 1:6 figs asked why some people “hated” repaints. Most of the respondents replied that they loved repaints, naysayers be damned. The only truly negative comment came from one “Daniel Wickson” who wrote:

Lack of artistic talent translates into any medium even lil’ dollies At least yours aren’t yarn haired tr*****s.

I starred out the slur that he used for trans people. >:(

Given that my subtitle on that forum is “Transgender[izer]” and that LHF featured several characters with yarn hair, as well as trans characters [but no trans characters with yarn hair], I strongly suspect that the poster was referring to me and my dollies. ^_^

He’s just jealous ’cause he lacks my imagination.


I used to be on MWD. 2012 when this was posted was about a year after I sort of stopped being on the forums and the hobbies. Life stuff. Also there were a few toxic people.

However, I found my way back to 1/6 with a renewed vigor this year, and in turn to MWD.

I remembered you on MWD, I remembered the subtitle. I remember your comics. The hobby needs more people like you, I hope you find your way back to MWD.. Your blog is amazing, so are your dolls, and your support of the trans community.


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