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54mm minifigs

54mm minifigs published on 2 Comments on 54mm minifigs

I have another protagonist who plays with dolls — Isabel — so I’ve been thinking about 1:6 scale dolls for 1:6 scale dolls again.

54mm minifigs, AKA tabletop gaming white metal figs, are pretty much perfect for 1:6 scale dolls for 1:6 scale dolls. I have problems spending upwards of $1.00 per millimeter, though. SIGH.

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Have you considered the old-style Polly Pocket figures? Here’s a Blythe with some, a Dal with some in a mini cabinet, and another Dal with a set. They might be slightly small, say relative to us playing with an 8in or 10in doll rather than a 12in. Considering they’re no longer popular with kids (and an exciting choking hazard), there might be some grab-bag lots on ebay and such. If you get the right ones, they might come with their own dollhouse.

I’ve got a blog post with some photos of a few of my sets. I forgot to mention it in my post, but the “boy equivalent” of Polly Pocket was called “Mighty Max”. Same format, but more of an adventure-fantasy theme. Both lines also had McDonald’s toys, as well (figures couldn’t be removed, but you can cut ’em out).

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