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Lazy bookcase

Lazy bookcase published on No Comments on Lazy bookcase

I’m in the process of shelving things on a lazy 1:6 scale bookcase. It’s a lightly customized bamboo drawer organizer [$10.68 from Walmart].

The preparations were simple. The organizer came with two expansion drawers that slid out to either side. I removed them, as well as the pegs holding them onto the main box. Then I stuck a shim under the front and center to make it more perpendicular to the ground. Finally I hot-glued a loose divider in place. Then I was ready to store my 1:6 scale library.

I like tall, sturdy bookcases, both in real life and in 1:6 scale, but they are pretty hard to find for a reasonable price. Therefore I rejoiced when I found this piece. It’s solidly constructed so that it can actually support weighty objects. The frame and shelves aren’t too thin or too thick, but in a pretty good scale for 1:6 scale lumber. The natural finish is neutral and cooperative with a variety of sets. It’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite pieces of furniture!

Peter’s looking for something to read. You can tell it’s his bookcase because there are flowers all along the second-from-top shelf. [His shirt does say I HEART CACTUS, after all. :p]


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