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More dolls for dolls

More dolls for dolls published on No Comments on More dolls for dolls

After I posted about beautiful, but expensive, 54mm minifigs, Elizabeth Jr. clued me into the fact that the original Polly Pockets were less than an inch high and therefore approximately in range for 1:6 scale for 1:6ers. I poked around for them ["vintage polly pocket"] on Ebay, but the prices were too high for my liking, at a few dollars per figure. I decided to seek other sources.

I’ve had success in the past with Homies, who have the added bonus of being hilariously sculpted. Unfortunately, the price of individual Homies seems to have gone up since I last purchased them to by Ellery’s dolls, but I have found some alternatives. Vendstock on Ebay sells the following sets that could be useful as a source for female dolls [Isabel, my latest doll nerd, isn’t really into male dolls]: American Girl [no, not that American Girl], So Fly Divas and Tomy/Barbie.

Incidentally, Vendstock also sells the latest Domo series. [That’s the fuzzy brown rectangle with big teeth that serves as the Japanese TV station NHK’s mascot.] I have actually seen this series in local vending machines, where I was amused by the Domo wearing bling. This set also features mustachioed Domo, luchador Domo, Domo with big blocky glasses, Domo with an inner tube, Domo in diapers, devil Domo and Godzilla Domo, who is, of course, bigger than the other Domos. I think I might have to get the set, since Domo has always amused me. ^_^

EDIT: In my search for fat Homies for Isabel’s collection of fat dolls, I discovered that there is a Trailer Park series of Homies [Trailer Parkies? :p ]. A majority of the Trailer Parkies are fat, thus playing into the stereotype that people who live in trailer parks are poor, stupid and disgusting. I’m also disturbed that there’s only one woman among the Trailer Parkies. Her name is Moo Moo Ma. [Yes, she’s fat.] How’s that for sexist, anti-fat objectification?!!

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