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The crystallization of my signature style

The crystallization of my signature style published on No Comments on The crystallization of my signature style
Over the years, I’ve developed a signature style that I use on many of my dolls. I am now finally able to define it…It is a look characterized by layers [tank/vest, T-shirt/armwarmers, shorts/leggings, pants/skirt, etc.] and deep vibrant colors, especially lime green, lemon yellow, tangerine orange, magenta, hot pink and warm purple. Multiple patterns, especially dots, stripes and paisleys, also figure prominently, often in the same ensemble.

Here’s Janvier Jett, who represents the current epitome of this style. Fuzzy white legwarmers and black loafers with white skulls on them not shown. :p

And here’s a 1:6 scale example in the person of Novella:


Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, my favoritest doll clothes ever are these really cheap ones from $5.00 Uneeda Brittany dolls that I got in 2009 from Doctor on MWD. [Here’s the post that turned me on to his fabulous finds.] Tackyyyyyy skiiiiiiirts… I only have so many Uneeda pieces though, but there are legions of dolls longing for the signature style!
I’m hitting up OJI for some lemon, lime, purple and magenta leggings, but it would be great to have some more skirts in my signature style that actually fit over my dolls’ asses. [Uneeda skirts, made for dolls with no asses, barely fasten in back for anyone, especially if they are wearing "accent skirts" over pants, like Anna is.]  ] And some tanks…I spent so many years shoving Anneka and Will into my various tanks that they’re pretty stretched out. 🙁

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