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Behold the mighty crapper!!

Behold the mighty crapper!! published on No Comments on Behold the mighty crapper!!

My package from, containing a toilet and a blender, arrived the day before Xmas. Finally got around to playing with the toilet today.

The toilet, which began life as a novelty prank that just happened to be 1:6 scale, set me back a whole $2.50. Of all the novelty prank toilets out there [of which there are more than you’d expect], I chose this one because it was cheap and because it was also white, obviating a repaint.

Out of the packaging, showing measurements.

Between its unveiling and its initial use, I had to perform some modifications on it. I unscrewed the base and disassembled the whole thing to remove a soft plastic squirty bulb in the bowl. I also trimmed off some excess plastic on the bottom inside of the hinge for the lid; otherwise, it would not open all the way.

Just so you can tell that it’s really, truly in scale, here’s Peter using it. Poor Peter!

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