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Wig for Mellifer, take 3

Wig for Mellifer, take 3 published on No Comments on Wig for Mellifer, take 3

Redid Mellifer’s wig after trimming down yesterday’s pattern. I had the right size, but then decided to trim it down more, which made it a little too small when I rolled under the raw edges. Anyway, here are the results. Since Mellifer is not swapping hair, I think I’ll just lower the forehead a bit by judicious application of small clumps of hair, then call it done. For my other dolls, though, I will use my new pattern without cutting it down even more.

Here is Mellifer as he currently stands. Because his wig is smaller, it has much better loft than the previous iteration, thus achieving more of a flame-like aspect. Yes, I am aware that I wore away his lip color with the constant handling of his head. I will replace it when I’m done aggressively moving his head around for this project.

I like how I can see his ears in this version!!

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