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Further fur wig experiments with Mellifer

Further fur wig experiments with Mellifer published on No Comments on Further fur wig experiments with Mellifer

After successfully working with some of my faux fur [gluing it to Peter and Anna’s heads], I returned to making a wig for Mellifer.

  1. I trashed my original attempt at a mockup and made another by tracing his head from the side and cutting out two semicircles. Then I sewed them together. The result was laughably minuscule.
  2. I revised the pattern by putting a central strip [like a mohawk] between the two semicircles. The mohawk bit was too wide.
  3. I narrowed the mohawk bit and achieved a relatively good fit in the felt mockup. I reproduced it in faux fur, hot gluing the pieces together because it was easier than sewing. Too small!
  4. I lengthened the mohawk strip and the ends of the semicircles, essentially making the wig deeper. I tried again with faux fur. It was still too big, but I reduced the size by trimming around the circumference and also turning under the raw edges a bit [and securing with hot glue, of course].

So here’s the result. As you can see, the wig is still too large, especially around the ears. I may try tacking the edges under more or remaking it with what fur I have left. It suffices for now, though, and Mellifer is quite pleased that he has hair!

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