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Eyeballs on parade: Novella and Isabel

Eyeballs on parade: Novella and Isabel published on No Comments on Eyeballs on parade: Novella and Isabel

I picked up my shipment of about 10 pairs of DD-Anne eyeballs from the p.o. today. Here’s Novella in a pair that coordinates nicely with her full ensemble.

And here’s Isabel [well, her head at least, though on the wrong body] testing all available eyes. I want her eye to be visible and reflective, even with her partly closed lid and the small size of my photos.

I’m leaning toward the yellow-green/blue-green ones [seen up close in Novella] because I have two pairs. [This is a consideration because Isabel and her twin, Carter, have to have the same color eyes.] They’re also highly visible! More later after I nap.

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