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The first one I loved: Soom Mini Gem Uyoo[s]

The first one I loved: Soom Mini Gem Uyoo[s] published on No Comments on The first one I loved: Soom Mini Gem Uyoo[s]

As I have mentioned many times before, the first 1:6 scale BJD I ever loved was Soom’s Mini Gem Uyoo. I went through several cycles of acquiring her and getting rid of her, ultimately always unable to resist her big-eyed, wondering expression.

At this point in my life, I’ve realized that Uyoo is the BJD equivalent of Takara CG02. I have an unreasonable attachment to this headsculpt, which leads me to own multiple exemplars. Just as I have a default AJ, I also have a default Uyoo, that is, one with the Soom faceup: Theophany [the annoying]. Just as I have an altered AJ, Steampink, so I also have a customized Uyoo, Novella, my Romantic one, that I faceupped. I also currently have a third Uyoo, MacKenzie, a Quite Rabbit LE who is up for sale on the DOA marketplace and who has never appeared except in whole-population shots.

Anyway, here are my two Uyoos from the same universe, i.e., Zombieville. On the left is Novella, a Romantic Uyoo in white skin, faceup and wig by me, outfit by the grab bag with help from Andrea.  On the right is Theophany [the annoying], a regular Uyoo in normal skin [fucking racist resin color names!], with a default Soom faceup, outfit by the grab bag with help from Andrea.

All the subtle differences between the two lie in the headsculpts. They would be identical, with only Novella’s lowered eyelids to distinguish her from Theophany. However, I had to sand the crap out of Novella’s head [good times! :p] to de-yellow her; thus her face is more angular than Theophany’s. Most notably, Novella’s nose is narrower and her chin pointier. Also Theophany looks incredibly annoying…but I might just be projecting here.


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