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Where Zombieville denizens come from

Where Zombieville denizens come from published on No Comments on Where Zombieville denizens come from

I’m currently in the interesting situation of making up Zombieville as I go along. The exhilarating sense of discovery and possibility occasionally fades in favor of alarm at the project’s scope, but mostly I’m just having a lot of fun.

Zombieville denizens are currently pestering me on two fronts. Some of them are people that I made not specifically for Zombieville, but who are so cool that they simply demand to live there, like Anna, Béatrice, Novella and Peter. Some of them are people that I would like to incorporate into the story as subcultural representatives, like Dr. Z., Dr. Z.’s assistant, a Toxic Waste resident, a Reaper, etc. When I have unassigned, but really cool, people, I try to give them roles that need filling and work the story around them.

Of course, though, I’m also in the position of getting really nifty doll ideas, like "Groovy Sterling," who recently barged in, informing me that, not only did she have a killer sense of style, but also that her name was Megan Meehan and she was Dr. Z.’s assistant. Oh yeah, and she has a master’s in public health from UVM.

Sigh. They’re so pushy! …And I love every minute of it! ^_^

I’ve been concentrating on developing the Zombieville subculture, but I’m also realizing that I need a few people outside it to embody just what PWS are up against.

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