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Fixer-upper acquired!

Fixer-upper acquired! published on No Comments on Fixer-upper acquired!

Just put the reservation payment on an Alchemic Lab Unoa Light Azurite. This 1:6 scale BJD, issued in 2005, is rather scarce; like his female counterpart Fluorite, Azurite commands at least $400.00 on the secondary market, especially if in good condition, with all spare parts, as well as box autographed by maker Gentaro Araki. I scored this little dude for $232.00 shipped because he has yellowed a lot and suffered uneven dyeing, dye removal, sanding, etc., in an attempt to even him out.

Anyway, I’m thinking that he’s going to be Carter’s friend, Isabel’s ex, the purchaser of Isabel’s car and a representative of some of the truly stupid shit that abnormals say about PWS. He’s not evil, like Anneka’s ex Thomas was. I think he and Isabel broke up when he started transitioning because the T really lessened his libido. Isabel got really frustrated because her sex drive was much more active; he encouraged her to have other partners, but she didn’t want to. They tried to work it out monogamously, even though he was only monogamous for Isabel’s sake. However, they eventually parted ways. He’s currently happier living in Essex with one partner that he is very close friends with. He is not happy about regularly traveling "up to the ass end of the Kingdom" to visit his regular sex partner in Derby Line.

He needs a name. Hmmm…Dillon Rayes.

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