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Wait…now they drive CARS???

Wait…now they drive CARS??? published on No Comments on Wait…now they drive CARS???

Ever since I got the idea for Zombieville to start by Isabel losing her left eyeball, I’ve been wondering how this would affect her ability to drive a car. From what I can tell, people with monocular vision can still drive in Vermont if they have a certain level of vision in their remaining eye. I have no idea what that level of vision is, however.

Anyway, I initially made the assumption that Isabel’s newly acquired monocular vision would require her to give up her car and depend on public transit, a complicated proposition in Vermont. Chittenden County Transportation Authority runs a network of buses throughout the county [yay!], but they all center on downtown Burlington and are scheduled mainly to serve first-shift commuters [boo!]. I was hoping to dedicate at least one subplot to the challenges of being a carless and disabled bus rider.

Even though people with monocular vision may be able to drive in this state in certain circumstances, I think I’ll still have Isabel get rid of her car. She and Peter are going to get into a minor accident, which is how they meet and how she starts becoming part of the Zombieville community.

Naturally, in order to have a car crash, Isabel and Peter need to have cars. Great…more 1:6 scale shit. :p

Given my limited storage space and photography area, as well as my penchant for compact cars, I decided that they both drive really small cars. It would be unutterably cool to find a 2009 Toyota Corolla in 1:6 scale and spray paint it silver to make a miniature version of the FLE car. I don’t think those are made in cheap playline versions, though.

Cheap playline versions exist, however, of VW Bugs and Smart Fortwos. The first can be found on Ebay with a search under "barbie volkswagen beetle," and they even come in non-pink options! [The pink option appears to be currently in print and therefore much cheaper, though, at least on Amazon. However, deboxed ones in all colors can be had quite inexpensively on Ebay.] The second can be found on Ebay with a search under "moxie girls rc car." You can also find it for rip-off prices on Amazon. Reviews say that it’s crappily made, but I don’t need it to function as an RC toy. I just need it to sit there and look minorly damaged. Even if it’s a little small [as playline cars tend to be], it will still work.

So apparently now my dolls drive cars. Uh oh. Look out, world. If you see a little fat doll with a little wry smirk driving a little Smart Car…for God’s sake, tell her to get something more practical! Smart Cars, being small and light, are a ridiculous choice for transportation in a state that regularly contends with mushy, sloppy, heavy snow. :p

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