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Dillon as he comes to me

Dillon as he comes to me published on No Comments on Dillon as he comes to me

Here is a picture, taken by sahoma, DOAer and previous owner, of Dillon.

Man, he has a square head, especially from this angle. :p

I’ve taken a look at the closeups as well, and I am not sure why all the failed deyellowification treatments warrant his "Oh please God I’ll PAY YOU to take it away!!!" discount. If he was missing, say, major body parts, I could understand the cut rate, but yellowing is literally superficial damage that happens to even the most zealously protected BJDs. Yellowing can be lessened with preventive sealants, disguised through blushing, partly removed with various abrasives or — gasp! — accepted as part of resin’s inevitable ageing process. The point is…one can do something about yellowing. It does not indicate that a doll is salvageable only for spare parts.

But, as sahoma explained to me, she doesn’t like modding and/or restoring dolls that need the kind of help that Dillon does. When I said to her that I enjoy fixer-upper BJDs because I grow more attached to them while improving them, she replied that the prospect of laboring over BJD restorations just makes her really hate the doll. I completely understand that because doll enthusiasts use their dolls for different purposes. While some people value them as raw materials for customization, others regard them as finished products to beautify their surroundings. Other people feel confident with certain aspects of personalization — sewing clothes, making wigs, doing faceups, doing additive and/or subtractive mods, commissioning the perfect outfit and accessories, stalking the right wig, etc., etc., etc. — and not others. One doll enthusiast’s source of extreme annoyance and frustration represents another’s thrilling creative opportunity.

Okay, sanding has never been and will never be a thrilling creative opportunity. However, I think I will try my Dremel + sanding/buffing discs on Dillon’s body parts, which, if successful, should render sanding less tedious and [slightly] more rewarding.

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