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Dyeing dolls

Dyeing dolls published on No Comments on Dyeing dolls

Tutorial on DOA:

Discussion thread on DOA:

spamsama’s tutorial in DOA discussion thread:

Tutorial on BJD_WTF:

  • Basically…Tan RIT dye is recommended for darkening a doll’s skin color. Some have also have good results with cocoa brown…not dark brown.
  • I have to prepare the dye by adding it to warm/hot water, which I then bring to a boil. Then I have to dunk each part that I want colored, making sure not to let the piece hit the bottom of the pot, checking frequently to see if I am achieving the tone I want.
  • I also need to keep stirring the dye to make sure that it does not settle to the bottom of the pot.
  • When parts are the appropriate color, rinse with hot water to get rid of extra dye, then cold water to cool everything down.

This sounds like so much fun! I am definitely doing this with Metel when she arrives! \o/

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