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Oh look — concern trolling!

Oh look — concern trolling! published on No Comments on Oh look — concern trolling!

This gem is from Monday’s Dear Prudence, a trove of crap:

Letter writer: "I’m in my late 20s with a husband and a young daughter. My husband, who has a familial history of thyroid problems and high blood pressure, has gained nearly 100 pounds in the five years we’ve been married. He has developed liver problems and high cholesterol, OBVIOUSLY because he’s so disgustingly fat.

"I exercise and eat healthily and encourage him to do the same, but he resists, calling me a nag. He’s a grown man, but I’m so concerned about his health that I refuse to treat him like an independent agent. How can I further insult him by infantilizing and objectifying him?"

Prudie: "Fat people are gross. They’re also stupid lazy slobs who don’t eat right or exercise and can’t perceive that their fat is killing them. KILLING THEM I SAY!

"Oh wait…you had a question there. I strongly recommend going to a ‘bariatrician,’ a.k.a. someone with lots of letters after their name who gets paid handsomely for bullying people into losing weight and supporting the lucrative, ultimately futile diet industry.

"I also recommend even more nagging and shaming. Project for your husband a future in which he lurches from health crisis to health crisis and where you have to take care not only of your daughter, but also his fat lazy ass. That should motivate him into the spiral of shame and self-hatred that makes people lifelong devotees of the ‘bariatric’ industry.

"Good luck…you’re gonna need it. At the rate your husband”s going, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up wheelchair-bound, never to walk again, because he’s such a tub of lard. Then he’d be fat and disabled, and that would just be…[ralllllllphgack].

"Excuse me. On second thought, forget the ‘bariatrician’ and the extra nagging. Just do the world a favor and put him out of his misery now. Poison his cupcakes."

What a sad, bitter, lonely, empty life she must lead to be so full of hatred toward fat and/or disabled people.

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