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Cheapest BJDs ever!

Cheapest BJDs ever! published on No Comments on Cheapest BJDs ever!

Well, not the cheapest ever, just the cheapest I own personally.

So the aforementioned Lumedoll Lumelight heads are setting be back a total of $200.35, so that’s about $66.78 a head.

I’ve got a 5StarDoll tiny body [$120.00] on the way for Blaze, and I’m gonna get Hujoo bodies for Koit and Arine [$20.00 apiece]. That would make Koit and Arine complete BJDs for <$100.00!

By the way, my definition of BJD at this point is a doll made of hollow parts and basically ball-shaped joints and strung with elastic. Head comes blank, with removable headcap and eyewells, but without hair. Custom painting, wigging, clothing, additive mods and/or subtractive mods are encouraged. Material can either be resin or something else [Hujoo makes some of its BJDs out of ABS plastic].

In other news, the Fairyland LittleFee body shown here is back on the market. It irritates me by being twice the price of a 5StarDoll tiny body, which is much superior for my purposes. I really wish it would go away already, but, if it doesn’t sell, I might just keep it and use my by-then-perfected fats-making techniques to make an even shorter, fatter person.

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